"The Family Name" Copper Anniversary Sign

Celebrate a copper anniversary, a wedding, or any other occasion with a family name sign made of 100% real copper.

The lettering is embossed in a sheet of copper.  The sign is 6" high and 15" wide although the width may vary depending on the length of your name.

The "Natural" patina is a unique variegated mix of reds and browns which occurs naturally during the sign making process.

The "Oil rubbed" patina is a chemical process which creates a more uniform dark brown background.

The raised letters are polished to make them pop and sealed with a clear coat to keep them looking good for years to come.

The edges are folded back on themselves to stiffen the sign and give a nice smooth finish.

The sign is custom made.  Please allow 4-6 weeks. We can sometimes accommodate rush orders. Please e-mail us if you need it sooner.

$ 165.00

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